Elite Group Loans

Elite GroupElite Group  is a pioneer and leading Credit Provider, previously Micro Lending, company in South Africa. The company is operating nation wide, with offices in Gauteng, North-West Province, Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The prime objective of the company is to revolutionize the credit industry, providing a range of loans to the historically un-banked masses, utilizing state of the art information technology.

Elite Group Services

  • Personal Loans
  • Incremental Loans
  • Call Centre facility
  • Insurance products
  • Information Systems
  • Cellular phones

The company is continuously breaking new ground and setting standards of service excellence. The company is uniquely positioned to provide companies and their employees with affordable, client directed financial products.

Its expertise in the financial sector and specifically the credit industry is unsurpassed by anyone. The company offers the industry unique tailor made products at the best possible price and minimum risk.
Personal Loans

Elite’s personal loans are tailor-made to the individuals needs. We have 18 Front offices and also the unique Call Centre from where we offer a country wide service.

Personal loans are in essence short term in nature i.e. one to six months repayment on a loan amount of between R300 and R 8 000.00.

Lending Process

Documentation required at Front offices:

Application Document
Credit check and Registration
Process of loan
Activation of electronic payment system / Salary deduction
Electronic payment to client


Incremental Loans

Incremental loans aim to address housing finance needs of the housing market that have an ability to contribute financially to housing costs but to whom bank-funded housing finance is not readily available.

The lives of more than one million people have been improved through these loans but it is believed that there is an endless demand for assistance.

Incremental loans are offered to home owners who wish to build homes on an incremental basis by extending or improving existing property. These loans are for instance extended to add a room, install a geyser, enhance security or to effect any improvement that increase the value of the house.

These loans are targeted to the low- to moderate-income housing market.

Loan amounts range between R3000 and R20000 with a repayment period of between 10 and 36 months.

Qualifying criteria

The minimum condition for an applicant is:
income between R 2 500.00 and R 7 500.00 per month
able to prove two years of continuous employment
ability to service the loan
older than 21 years of age and a South African citizen
Elite Branded Card

The Elite Card completes the circle of loan services that Elite offers

Elite offers all its clients a fully fledge debit card linked to master card and utilizes a close looped card for all clients qualifying for incremental loans. To ensure that money approved for incremental purposes are only utilized for home improvements and or education, providers are pre-selected and the card is accepted only at these pre approved suppliers of products and services.

Over an above the normal benefits associated with card, clients receives all bank services free of charge.